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Nokia Steel HR from Hong Kong

Nokia Steel HR is a more geeky version of Nokia's classic smart watch. Tracking the heartbeat and activity of its owner through the day - all this will show a small analogue screen on the clock face. The wrist gadget will also receive text messages and show who is calling when the phone is at the very bottom of the pocket - all you need just to press the button that is placed on the right side. It looks like traditional mechanical watches.

The watches measures heart rhythms day and night, and also during training - good indicator for those who monitor their health. Safe materials allow you to comfortably wear watches 24 hours a day, and water resistance to 50 meters - stay with them in the gym, shower or cooking dinner. Special technology allows you to recognize traditional activities such as running, swimming or walking, to more complex ones - from ping-pong and volleyball to dancing. This system allows you to more accurately calculate the energy spent in kcal and provide it to you. The sleep phase tracking feature and smart alarm clock will provide a quality recovery at the end of the day.

The model is characterized by a capacious battery, as evidenced by the duration of its operation - 25 days without recharging. The system is well compatible with gadgets on the iOS and Android platforms, and the special free application Total Health tracking will give even more opportunities to improve the quality of your life.

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