Logistics services:

Express merchandise delivery via DHL Express, UPS (Incoterms: DAP)
We can deliver goods to over 220 countries, wherever DHL Express and UPS deliver
  • Express D2D delivery in 2-3 working days
  • Security warranty
  • 100% freight insurance
  • Full package of forwarding documents
Merchandise delivery to remote warehouse (Incoterms:FAS/FOB)
We can ship the goods to one of the logistics centers of your choice for inspection. Shipment of goods to a remote warehouse aims to ensure transaction security and your peace of mind.
  • Secure transaction
  • 10/90 payments
  • Third-party cargo inspection prior to shipment
Our forwarders:
  • Hellmann
  • Panalpina
  • Union Logistics
  • Captain's Freight and etc.
Shipment of goods via freight forwarders (Incoterms:CIF/CNF)
By cooperating with freight forwarders we are significantly expanding the freight delivery geography to the most remote regions and countries.
  • Low prices on shipments of 100kg and above
  • 1-2 days to the first point of dispatch
  • 100% freight insurance (CIF)
Dispatch of goods from our Hong Kong warehouse (Incoterms:ExW)
We can dispatch the goods to you or your authorised agent in our warehouse. 42 video surveillance cameras, 24/7 security and a convenient location.
  • Secure zone for transfer and inspection of goods
  • Free storage of merchandise for up to 5 days
  • Reliable packaging
  • Warehouse's close proximity to the Hong Kong international airport
Dispatch of goods to your freight forwarder in Hong Kong (Incoterms: FCA)
Per your request we can inspect, pack and deliver the goods to any place in Hong Kong.
  • Delivery to any place in Hong Kong
  • Free storage of merchandise for up to 5 days
  • We maintain packaging standards in order to comply with the freight forwarder's specifications

Packaging quality

We’ll do everything in our power for your cargo to arrive intact
Reinforced cardboard
Metal mesh (optional)
Stretch wrap
Bundling strap

Additional services

Our work with the product stock includes mandatory Quality control (QC) during all transaction phases. We offer the following services that are very popular with our regular clients:
Bar code scanning
+ Mandatory IMEI code scanning
+ Mandatory EAN / UPC code scanning
+ Optional IMEI 2 and serial number scanning
Labeling the phone box with English stickers, showing technical characteristics of the phone model. This service is relevant for Chinese brands.

Wholesale questionnaire

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