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Nokia Go from Hong Kong

Nokia Go is a sports orientated bracelet-transformer for tracking daytime activity and a quality of sleep. The clock face-clothespin can easily become a badge on a blazer or a wristwatch, just put it on an elastic bracelet. Instead of an AMOLED display, the gadget is equipped with an E Ink display, which displays either hours or performance all the day long, depending on the purpose that was installed before.

The ink display allows not only to save battery level, but it is completely safe for the eyes. The battery used is enough for the device to work for about 8 months without interruption. Tracker is waterproof - up to 5 ATM, and it determines the type of user activity - for the most accurate calculation of burnt kcal. A 1.1-inch round screen is divided into 88 divisions to determine the percentage of the completed goal. More detailed information is displayed in the application on the smartphone with which the gadget is synchronized.

The sports bracelet perfectly functions on platforms like iOS and Android. It has its own branded app; it also supports standard fitness applications on smartphones.

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