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Garmin Vivosport from Hong Kong

Garmin Vivosport is a fitness bracelet features with a conciseness and functionalism. A distinctive feature of this gadget is the surge eliminator right from the wrist - you don't need to wear a chest sensor anymore! A wired GPS will help you navigate easily while training on the street.

Garmin Vivosport keeps a record of biological indicators with high accuracy, can determine the state of your body for wear, and show the level of stress - it is only necessary to measure the fitness tracker reaction of your body to irritants. Its color chromed display is in constant activity, and pairing with a smartphone will allow you to stay in the access zone for communication all the time using the gadget.

The battery works perfectly 7 days, when device is used in smart-clock mode, when used outdoors with an active navigator - about 8 hours.

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