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Fitbit Alta HR from Hong Kong

Fitbit Alta HR is an improved model of the previous version of this fitness tracker. It is distinguished by a new elegant design, constant control over the work of the heart and an improved sleep management system, for a full recovery after an active day. The tracker will not only track the sleep phases and easily wake up at the most appropriate time for the body – you set the time range for awakening by yourself, and it takes this into account –  but also make up a program for normalizing sleep – it will create the schedule of your sleep.

Synchronize the fitness tracker with a smartphone on any platform and you can get information about who called or wrote to you instantly. The original application improves interaction with gadgets and will give a more conscious understanding of the functional of the device.

The manufacturer guarantees up to 7 days of operation of the device without additional charge, the full load takes place within 2 hours. The backlight function allows you to use the tracker even at night.

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