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Fitbit Ace from Hong Kong

Fitbit Ace fitness tracker created specifically for children. The principle of his work is that he does everything that a good tracker does, but only for children start from 8 to 13 years. Age in this case is very important. The account is managed by parents, they can both – track the activity of their child at a distance, and ask her. The basic purpose of the bracelet is to motivate the child to move for an hour every day, as WHO recommends for raising people of this age group of children.

It is noteworthy that with all the extensive functionality, the fitness tracker does not measure the weight of children, and does not work with this group of indicators. This is due to the fact that with good activity children have the optimal weight for their growth, and measuring the weight individually causes irreparable harm to their psyche.

Watches do not look childish at all. Monochrome OLED-display is located on bright bracelets, executed in two colors - a blue electric and a saturated purple.

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