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Casio WSD-F20 from Hong Kong

Casio WSD-F20 - can safely pretend for the victory in the nomination ""smart watches"". So many new things in one device can rarely be found. One of the first, these watches are obey to the system Android Wear 2.0, in a super-rugged case, these watches can dive to a depth of more than 50 meters - and nothing will happen to them. Two screens at once: the main touch LCD-display, on top of it the same, only monochrome.

The gadget is equipped with improved GPS navigation, reacts to changes of the body orientation, determines acceleration, pressure, determines the cardinal direction. It incorporates a sensor of the latest fourth generation Bluetooth and WiFi. The mobile device must be newer than version 4.3 for Android and older than the ninth for iOS.

The design of the watch is similar to the fire-bug beetle - in orange-black colors, classics fans can purchase a completely black version of this model.

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