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Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 from Hong Kong

The presented development of Xiaomi is a compact track for walking at home. It is designed for busy people with a sedentary lifestyle. Using the device allows you to avoid stagnant processes in the limbs and the body as a whole. WalkingPad A1 helps simulate walking, but not running.

The track design is folding, due to which it does not take up much space. To move around the apartment, home or office, it is equipped with wheels. The weight of the device is 28 kg, so it’s not very convenient to carry it in your hands. The simulator design is neat, intuitive controls, the panel is simple.
Parameters - 1200x415 mm. Power is supplied from a network, the connector is located near the wheels. The maximum permissible weight of the trainee is 90 kg.

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