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Xiaomi Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from Hong Kong

With the wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi, dust has no chance! Exclusively mobile, not limited by the length of the wire, it allows you to easily reach any, even the most secluded corner of the house or, for example, vacuuming the car.

When the battery is fully charged, the battery life of the vacuum cleaner is 55 minutes, in turbo mode - 10 minutes. Weight of the device is only 1.5 kg, complete with an electric brush - 2.5 kg. The electric brush is equipped with LED lighting. The HEPA filter is installed in the vacuum cleaner and a four-stage air purification is provided.

The charge of the vacuum cleaner's battery, the level of the dust bag filling, the state of the filter is controlled via the mobile application. Keep the gadget is recommended in a suspended state (supplied with magnetic mount, mounted on the wall).

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