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Xiaomi Mi YeeLight LED Light Bulb from Hong Kong

Creating a smart home involves the use of a variety of devices that differ in efficiency and innovation. One of them is LED Light Bulb. It is an LED device, which can be controlled via Wi-Fi. Additional devices will not be needed: only the lamp and the router.

Using the smartphone, you can change the parameters of the product: change the brightness, provide switching on and off, etc. The cap of this light source is standard, which allows you to twist the smart bulb in almost all devices - chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces.

It is worth noting the next technical characteristics: the power indicator at the level of 8 W, the degree of illumination is 600 lux, the color temperature is 4000 K. The presented lamp is an alternative to the energy-saving light source of 35 W.

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