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Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector from Hong Kong

MP-CD1 is a portable laser projector from the Sony brand, which has compact dimensions due to the lack of an optical projection unit in the design. The device allows you to watch movies and play games in HD resolution. Powerful autofocus ensures full and clear images even on uneven surfaces.

The gadget connects both via wireless technology and through HDMI and MHL. The brightness of the picture is due to the well-thought color reproduction in a wide range of shades. Flexible display settings allow you to watch videos in the format of 40 to 120 inches - it all depends on the distance of the projection. 5000 mAh (this is the capacity of the built-in battery) is enough for uninterrupted offline viewing of video in excellent quality up to 2 hours. Weight is only 280 grams.

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