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Sharp IG-JC15 Ion Generator from Hong Kong

The IG-JC15 Ion Generator from Sharp removes odors from the passenger compartment, deactivates airborne allergens, destroys mold spores, bacteria and viruses. The device features a unique Plasmacluster technology, which ensures highly efficient and safe air purification. At the same time it works almost silently - the level of noise produced is only 23 dB.

The gadget is designed for installation in a cup holder, powered via a USB cable from a USB car adapter, power consumption - up to 1.9 watts. The height of the device is 16.2 cm, weight is 300 g.

The air in the car in the standard operating mode of the device is completely cleared in 40 minutes, in the ""turbo"" mode - in 20 minutes. Smells of food, tobacco, perfume, gasoline disappear without a trace.

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