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Sharp IB-HP9A-N PCI Hair Dryer from Hong Kong

Presented hair dryer - a modern development of Sharp, the use of which allows you to not only quickly dry your hair, but also protect them from negative external influences. The device is based on the technology of air supply with silver ions (concentration is 2 million 300 thousand particles per 1 cm3).

In addition, when drying hair, they are naturally moistened, and a protective layer is formed on the surface. The hair dryer provides the inhibition of statics, so that the hair falls smoothly and neatly, acquires a glossy sheen.

The power consumption of the device is 1800 watts. The intensity of the air flow is regulated (three operating modes). If necessary, the device can be folded and taken with you on a trip. The dimensions of this model are 243х209х84 mm. Weight - 635 g.

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