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Sharp FP-F40A Air Purifier from Hong Kong

Sharp FP-F40A Air Purifier effectively deactivates air allergens, bacteria and viruses, mold spores, removes dust and odors. This model is designed for use in rooms up to 30 m². The device uses Plasmacluster technology, effective and harmless for human beings, based on the plasma cleavage of water molecules contained in air into ions, which bind and deactivate pollutants. The density of generated ions in this model is up to 7000 per cm³.

Also in the gadget is a three-stage air filtration system, consisting of a preliminary, active carbon deodorizing and HEPA filters. The operating modes are four - ""Maximum"", ""Medium"", ""No Sound"" and ""Ion Shower"".

Weight of air purifier - 5.1 kg, dimensions - 383x540x209 mm.

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