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Panasonic SR-ND10 Diamond Fuzzy Logic Warm Jar from Hong Kong

The slow cooker from Panasonic, made in a compact design, has many functions for cooking your favorite dishes. The bowl, designed for 1 liter, has a thick non-stick diamond coating Diamond Fuzzy Logic. It is safe for human health and does not exfoliate with frequent use.

The uniqueness of the model is also a large selection of automatic modes for cooking rice, including steaming, recipes of risotto and national dishes. The control of cooking is carried out on technology Neuro Fuzzy Control. For ease of use, a large display with buttons is installed on the cover. The inner cover is removable, it is easy to clean and wash. There is infrared heating and a timer for 24 hours. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and white color solution, the slow cooker will harmoniously complement the interior.

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