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Panasonic SR-AC071 Glass Touch Induction Heating Warm Jar from Hong Kong

The modern slow cooker manufactured by Panasonic will become a reliable assistant in the kitchen. It will give you the opportunity to make crumbly rice, delicious pasta, cook aromatic soup and other dishes. The use of IH technology is aimed at preserving all the beneficial substances contained in the products. In addition, the device maintains the temperature, so the culinary masterpieces remain warm for 24 hours.

The bowl capacity is 0.7 liters, the consumed energy is 700 Watts. Management of slow cooker is carried out by means of the big touch panel which is located on a cover of a device. It is possible to preset a timer, the maximum time period is 24 hours.

The device is convenient to use, it is equipped with a handle for carrying. The colors of the case are black or white.

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