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Panasonic SD-PT1002 Bread Maker from Hong Kong

Panasonic bread maker - a kitchen device that will enable you to bake different types of bread at home. All that is necessary  is to place the ingredients in a container. The remaining tasks - uniform kneading, control of the dough lift, baking, - are assigned to the  presented device. You can select your recipe or use one of the 35 that is programmed.

The bread maker is controlled by means of a touch panel located on the lid. Depending on the parameters set, a light, standard or brownish crust is obtained. In addition, the technic allows you to preset a timer that will automatically start the device at the specified time.

In process the device consumes 420 watts. Dimensions of the bread maker are 30.4х24.1х34.5 cm. The color of the case is dark brown or white.

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