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Panasonic F-GMG01H nanoe Mini Generator from Hong Kong

The original portable air purifier from the Japanese manufacturer Panasonic has unique properties thanks to the built-in nano unit. The special technology of the filtration and cleaning system allows to clean a room up to 3.8 m³ from pathogens (influenza viruses, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus), allergens, suspended micro-particles of dust.

The device is small and weighs only 330 grams, so it is great for travel and for use in cars, bedrooms, offices. It automatically controls the air and cleans it, ionizes it, removes unpleasant odors and harmful substances. There is a built-in timer in the purifier. The kit also includes an adapter. The model is available in three colors - White, Black and Pink. The device is setting up and controlled manually.

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