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Nintendo Switch from Hong Kong

Portable game console from Nintendo gives gamers a real boom of emotions. It can connect to a TV for games on the big screen or deploy strategic operations like a tablet gamepad on its 6.2-inch Full HD display with an LCD matrix. The gadget can also become a full-fledged mobile device for on-the-go gaming, if two controllers are attached to the case along the guides.

The kit includes a tablet, docking station, holder Joy-Con, two lightweight and convenient controllers weighing only 48 and 51 grams, as well as an HDMI cable and charger. The device looks elegant. It is comfortable to use, has high-quality graphics, supports wireless connection to the standards of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC (with the help of Amiibo figures). The battery of 4310 mAh is enough for 2.5 hours of uninterrupted games.

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