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HTC Vive from Hong Kong

HTC Vive - high-quality and multifunctional headset for gamers, allowing you to experience new sensations from immersion into a clear and well-developed virtual reality developers. Design of the gadget is at altitude. The ergonomic shape of the helmet and the soft lining contribute to an unlimited pleasant pastime for a PC. The kit also includes two controllers, two stations and cables with USB and HDMI connectors.

Technical characteristics correspond to the top model. The viewing angle is 110 degrees. For each of the two lenses is provided the Full HD-screen. On the perimeter of the body are located sensors. The battery charge will last for 4-5 hours of continuous games - there are more than 800 of them in the Steam application. The device has certain requirements for the PC to which it connects - all within the framework of gaming traditions.

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