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Sharp Aquos S3 from Hong Kong

Sharp Aquos S3 is a stylish mobile device with the frameless 6-inched screen and extra popular “mono eyebrow” in which the LED-indicator, light and zoom sensors, front camera and the speaker are located by the producer. It has a Face ID scanner, and the fingerprinting on the back panel.

Full HD+ display takes 91% of the surface and has IPS matrix, which gives opportunity to render the clear images on different viewing angles. The smartphone is put in the glass body with the metallic frames and works on Qualcomm platform in Snapdragon 630 version in combination with 4GB of the operational memory. It is powered by Android 8.0. The built in storage includes also 64GB of the flash memory.

Back camera is 12+13MP and 16 MP of the front camera. Battery is 3200 MAh/h.

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