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Samsung Galaxy Fold from Hong Kong

Galaxy Fold is a revolutionary smartphone with a flexible design. When folded, it is almost the same as a classic mobile device, but if you unfold it, you get a full-fledged tablet. In the first case, the diagonal is 4.6", in the second - 7.3".

The gadget is multitasking. Information is easily displayed from one screen to another, the number of simultaneously open apps is three. The amount of RAM in this model has reached 12 GB, which is a market record. An 8-core processor chipset is responsible for the performance of the device.

Each of the screens received three cameras, so the Galaxy Fold has six optical modules.

Another feature of the flexible gadget is the presence of two batteries, the total capacity is 4380 mAh. Available body colors - bronze, gold, silver, black.

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