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Oppo R15X from Hong Kong

R15X is a smartphone with high technical characteristics. It is designed for efficient operation, comfortable watching of videos, online games and other entertainment. The diagonal of the display is 6.4", resolution - 2340x1080. The screen occupies more than 91% of the front panel. It is protected by the Gorilla Glass of fifth generation.

The basis for the smooth operation of the device is the Snapdragon chipset in version 660 (developed by Qualcomm). Memory storages - 6 GB/128 GB. The capacity of the battery is 3600 mAh.

The main camera is dual, resolution indicators - 16 MP+2 MP. Front 25 MP module is built into the cut-drop. Optics works on the technology of artificial intelligence.

The case of the device has an original design - gradient colors Nebula or Ice. The dimensions are 158.3x75.5x7.4 mm, weight is 156 g.

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