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Google Pixel 3 from Hong Kong

Google Pixel 3 - the new flagship among the new generation smartphone, which boldly competes with its apple friend. Grow your hands - this guy does not promise to be compact. The coolest thing about the new gadget is its screen, which leaves only 15% of the unoccupied area, everything else - it will take: a high-quality OLED display from the manufacturer-leader of color displays.

Google agreed that the wire is no longer intended for charging mobile devices and refused the extra element in the package in favor of Qi. Naturally, the new model will receive the best technical stuffing. A processor of eight cores on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip at 2.8 GHz clock frequency, built-in memory for 6GB for operations and 128GB for use. A water-repellent and dustproof glass housing will allow the phone to be lowered to a depth of two meters for an hour.

Laconic, stylish, it will allow you to feel your advantage in the world of technology.

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