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Blackberry DTEK60 from Hong Kong

Blackberry DTEK60 is a company`s flagman smartphone, which was honored with perfect characteristics. Good capacity is provided by Qualcomm chipset in 4-cored Snapdragon 820 version and installed OS Android 6.0.1. Nougat and large built storage, 4 GB of operational memory and 32 GB of the internal one.

Design is classical for blackberry gadgets – it is rectangular sophisticated body with round angles, in conception of which are glass panels with metal frames. It has WQHD screen, created by AMOLED technology, of 5,5 inches with standard 16:9 sides.

Main camera with 21 MP module and 8 MP front camera are the most interesting, as they give opportunity to take clear pictures and videos. Speakers of 3,6 VT provide good sound. It also has fingerprinting.

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