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Xiaomi Mi Drone from Hong Kong

Mi Drone - drone, which is the development of Xiaomi. The basis for its construction is simple, but effective technology, thanks to which the drone combines a wide functionality and ease of control. To get started with the device, you need to download and install the mobile application.

Operators of the drone can create unique routes, regulate the take-off and landing of the quadrocopter in automatic mode, receive high-quality photo and video files. The device will open a completely new world, showing its beauty from a bird's eye view.

The maximum speed of this model is almost 65 km/h. The time that a drone spends in the air without landing is 27 minutes. The Mi Drone can be raised to a height of 120 m. The dimensions of the quadrocopter are 25.4х13.8х3.8 cm, weight - 1.376 kg.

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