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Sigma AF 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Canon EF from Hong Kong

The Sigma AF 18-35 mm lens is a wide-angle device that can be attached to Sony, Pentax, Canon and Nikon cameras. It is designed for the size of the APS-C matrix.

The main advantage of this optics is an excellent indicator of aperture, which is set at the level of f/1.8. It remains constant regardless of which of the focal lengths in the range of 18-35 mm is selected. Focusing is carried out in an automatic mode, for its carrying out the ultrasonic drive, working accurately and silently, is responsible.

The diaphragm of this model has nine-petalled performance, the minimum value is 16. Constructively the lens consists of 17 elements represented in the 12 groups. The dimensions of photo-optics are 79x122 mm, the weight is 810 g.

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