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Nikon D850 from Hong Kong

Nikon's professional SLR camera provides endless possibilities in photo and video shooting. Contrast, clarity and natural color reproduction of images are provided by a wide-format lens with a BSI CMOS matrix, the sensor resolution of which is 45.7 Mp. Autofocus is done at 99 points. Photosensitivity - 100 - 25600 ISO, expandable up to 102400 units. Productive processor Expeed 5 allows you to shoot video in 4K format and do a photo session at a speed of 9 shots per second.

Share images and control the device via a smartphone are possible via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Adjust settings, change the angle of shooting and view the footage allows the touch screen of 3 inches, the angle of rotation of which is 170°. There is a built-in viewfinder.

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