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Nikon D750 from Hong Kong

Nikon D750 has collected all the possible awards of the previous few years in the category of the best full-frame camera in its segment. The improved matrix allows to receive pictures of a format 36х24 of the maximum sanction 6016 x 4016 with density almost one and a half megapixels on square centimeter.

The light sensitivity is varied from a hundred to 12800, in some cases can be expanded already up to 51200, starting from the index of fifty values. The camera provides focus on fifty-one points, which ensures the clearness of the displayed objects in the frame, even if this object is a racing driver or a wild animal that rushes headlong. In addition, it is possible to set the mode in three positions - nine, twenty-one points of a ""digital attention concentrate"" and the maximum mode.

The innovation is in the pre-viewing screen, which changes position already in three-dimensional space, and in more powerful ""brain"" for technical work with large images. Two memory cards will ensure the photographer's constant calm about the space for creativity with this device helps with.

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