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Nikon D7100 from Hong Kong

Nikon D7100 - improved model of a digital SLR camera of the top manufacturer of photographic equipment. It is more ergonomic than the previous version, but more productive in several times. 24 megapixels of sensor made the model more attractive for professional photographers. In this model, the manufacturer refused the low-pass filter. The system of automatic focusing when shooting consists of 51 points, which affects the sharpness of objects in the frame and the recording of dynamic events.

This is a fairly high-speed camera - the indicators reach seven frames per second. The improved original engine EXPEED of the third series works in it - so 1920x1080 is not a problem for it. For video recording: a microphone is provided for two channels, which creates a sense of surround sound. The maximum timekeeping of one video is about thirty minutes.

According to some indicators, the model is correlated with professional analogs, but much cheaper than those.

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