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Nikon D610 from Hong Kong

The Nikon D610 is a camera for those who have always dreamed about the ideal and could not afford it. Here she is! External data and the nature of management in it is very similar to the previous model of this manufacturer. A special composition of the body material allows you to use it in various conditions: moisture-off, dust-off. Several places for memory cards won't allow you to disturb yourself about the amount of space for the footage.

Equipped with a screen for viewing pictures VGA-type - rave reviews of owners regarding the transfer of colors and ease of use in any lighting can make up a collection of three volumes, and we believe them. The mirror camera hides a 24 megapixel sensor with a resolution of 36 to 24 mm. The ""brain"" of the camera - Expeed 3, ensures the ""flying"" of the device and smooth functioning. Light sensitivity is able to expand its range right up to the mark of 25600, but standardly accommodates up to 6400.

If you do not want to attract attention by shooting, this model has a special mode. It will be shot three frames per second, the maximum speed is up to six frames (with normal volume mode).

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