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Nikon D5 from Hong Kong

A compact and productive SLR camera is equipped with a sensitive CMOS FX format matrix with a 20.8 megapixel sensor, which provides detail and image saturation in any shooting conditions. Thanks to autofocusing on 153 points, you can take a photo session and shoot 4K video clips in dynamic. The device is compatible with lenses NIKKOR, which expand the possibilities of photo-creative.

A powerful processor and a metering sensor allow you to accurately recognize even small moving objects and take pictures at a speed of 12 shots per second. The standard range of sensitivity is 100-102400 ISO with the ability to expand up to 3280000 units. The application Picture Control realizes all the intentions of the photographer. The 3.2 inch touch screen rotates to 170°. The case is made of magnesium, protected.

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