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Nikon A900 from Hong Kong

The proposed photographic equipment is a compact device for obtaining high-quality images. The undoubted advantages of this model - a large zoom and the ability to create video in 4K format. Control can be performed via physical buttons and via smartphone.

The aperture values ​​depend on the selected position: in the wide-angle version, the value is f/3.4, in the tele position - f/6.9. The camera has an optical stabilization function, but when shooting at high magnification it is better to use a special tripod.

The camera screen is inclined, its diagonal is 3"". The maximum angle of turn for getting  selfies is 180 degrees. The optical scheme is based on 13 elements that make up 11 groups. The battery is autonomous, up to 270 photos can be taken on one charge.

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