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Leica X-U from Hong Kong

This development was created specifically for those who like to photograph in extreme conditions. The presented camera is not afraid of water, so you can safely take it even in sea travel. The ability to resist the effects of moisture is reflected in the performance of the case: it is thicker than in other Leica models, it looks massive.

The device is based on a matrix with a resolution of 16.5 MP. The viewfinder in its classical sense is absent, its role is played by an analogue of the electronic type, represented by a 3-inch display. The camera received a high-aperture lens, which is characterized by a f/1.7 aperture, focal length - 23 mm. These specifications are a guarantee of obtaining high-quality photos and videos.

The dimensions of the camera are 140x79x88mm, weight - 635 g (with the battery installed).

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