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Leica M ( Typ 262 ) from Hong Kong

The presented equipment relates to rangefinder cameras. This model is a simplified version of the Typ 240, it lacks the ability to shoot video, there is no electronic viewfinder. The reduction of functions had a positive impact on the level of cost: the price of equipment is affordable.

The characteristics of the camera are quite high. It received a matrix with a resolution of 24 MP and a productive processor chipset. The result of the interaction of these components is high-quality sharp images taken at high speed (two frames per second).

On the back of the camera there is a large display, the diagonal of which is 3"". It displays the taken photos and settings.

The case of the device is made of aluminum, so the proposed model is light, its weight is only 680 g. The linear dimensions are 139x80x42 mm.

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