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Fujifilm X-E3 from Hong Kong

Distinctive features of the model X-E3 proposed by Fujifilm, is a combination of high technical characteristics, compactness and budgetary of the device. The camera body has a classic design, for the convenience of fixing in the hand were used rubberized coating.

The camera display is located on the rear panel. It is sensory, not rotary. The main advantages of the screen are high response speed and excellent color rendition. Control buttons are located on the top and side panels.

The basis for building photographic equipment is the X-Processor Pro. The chipset works in conjunction with a powerful matrix, which makes it possible to quickly receive high-quality images and videos.

The linear dimensions of the presented model are 121.3x73.9x42.7 mm. Weight is 337 g (with battery and memory card).

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