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Fujifilm FinePix XP120 from Hong Kong

While others compete for leadership in the market, it seems that mastodon of photography Fujifilm managed to create its digital world and lives in it according to its own particular laws and concepts. It is good that this world is open to everyone who loves life and photography - for such a FinePix XP120 is created.

Incredible, with the ability to increase what you see through the lens in five times, and with the ""smart"" approach - and at ten (special operational functionality works with the image in such a way that it does not affect the final result at the same time). The lens is also not easy - Fujinon, and in it - the matrix, which consists of a world of pixels with a population of sixteen million units. To all he is a superhero and is not afraid of any influences - water up to 20 meters, blows, dust, even ten-degree frosts.

On the outside, the device is colorful and bright, and the reverse consists of the display sized the entire body. Has a unique color rendition and a mode for enhancing the effect of motion for moving objects in comparison with static ones.

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