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Canon PowerShot G9 X II from Hong Kong

Canon PowerShot G9 X II is designed for ideal shots in the home. Small in size, but also powerful inside - like a dream woman - the camera easily copes with the role assigned to it with the help of a supernova original Canon's processor of the seventh generation (not all SLRs boast of this).

More than twenty megapixels of the sensor creates unique images, not without the help of an impressive built-in screen, which is easy to control the touch of fingers. A special lens is friendly to the light, which does not create additional lighting tasks for a good picture. For video, it provides a stabilizer, which resorts to help at the right time. The camera is provided for active users by social networks: how else to explain the fact that it continuously works in connection with a phone or PC, easily transfers files, charges from charging a phone or power bank?

Particular attention should be paid to its appearance: very thin and elegant, metal in leather upholstery - oops! and it is already in the pocket.

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