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Canon EOS M6 from Hong Kong

Mirrorless model of the M series - an optimal option for beginners in photo, which is able to solve many professional problems. The manufacturer has equipped the device with innovative technologies, simple controls and a large list of modes. The device is compatible with removable EF-M optics and viewfinders that extend the functionality. It has a built-in CMOS matrix, equipped with a 24.2 megapixel sensor. The autofocus system is configured by 49 points. Light sensitivity is sufficient for obtaining high-quality shots under any shooting conditions - 100-25600 ISO.

The touch screen rotates up to 180°, which allows you to take selfie shots and images in non-standard angles. Control of the device and setting the desired modes are carried out from the screen. Ergonomic body is convenient for shooting even with one hand.

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