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Canon EOS 800D from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 800D is an SLR camera excellent value for money with quality. Very clear and easy to use. Of course, the ideal shooting conditions will not interest you, and in the bad - this model will become an ideal companion thanks to the 24.2 megapixel sensor of the APS-C generation. Detailing is amazing.

The manufacturer made a bet on the speed. Speed of the lightning - this is how the device works, the camera focuses on the object in motion (less than three hundredths of a second!) Six frames per second is the time that the EOS 800D catch the object, and the quality of shooting will allow viewing the received video both on mobile devices and on TVs. All objects remain clear, even at high speed.

Controlling the camera and its contents is possible using a compatible mobile device, and the built-in hint provides the necessary recommendations at the right time.

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