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Canon EOS 7D Mark II from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 7D Mark II is famous for its focus on dynamic objects. Even on super-dynamic. Mostly it is automatic in a management, to save the photographer's time at the moment of shooting, when every second counts - so it combines the speed of up to ten frames per second with automatic focus and exposure.

The maximum power of the classic for this series of Canon processor of the sixth generation is the best for working with large images and the minimum shutter speed is invented for sports correspondents or active fans. Additional functions for working with focusing by itself - at your disposal 65 dots - use them all throughout the focus area, or group them into the necessary objects.

The innovative iTR system remembers the details of the objects - thus the camera tracks the desired object by itself, even when other objects appear in the frame that can close the desired object. For video shooting, it is worth to note the function of determining the source of inconsistent lighting - the camera is able to eliminate these errors already at the shooting stage.

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