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Canon EOS 6D Mark II from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 6D Mark II has already become a legend among photographers. Whether you are a newcomer or an adept of the photographic community - this camera is for you. Do not be embarrassed by its size - inside it is a full-frame giant. The sensor is 26.2 megapixels, more than forty points of automatic focusing, it is worthy of the leaders of its series.

A shallow depth of field will appeal to lovers of shooting portraits, travelers will like to take pictures of landscapes with it - the transfer of colors and details is a priority for this device. Freedom of control of the touch screen allows you to control the frame from any point that the photographer chooses to shoot. Wireless file transfer, built-in navigation, as well as remote control mode will be additional advantages for the user.

The camera seems to be designed for travelers and active lovers of the beautiful - the case is protected from moisture and dust. And the video function with frame stabilization and smooth focusing makes it almost ideal for collecting the most important moments in life.

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