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Canon EOS 6D body WiFi (WG) from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 6D body WiFi (WG) is an technicly amazing mirror ""digital camera"" with a full frame of 20.2 megapixels. They recommend it for portrait photography, for creating panoramas and landscapes, convenient for transportation. Fully controlled depth of field will please any blogger, and optics are available to amplify by a large number of different EF lenses.

The processor of MARK III market leader, placed in the camera, allows you to get as a result high-quality images with ultra-precise detailing of objects and the transfer of colors with all real shades. The camera is equipped with its own navigator - it will remember all the places and even the exact place where the picture was taken or a movie was shot.

The WiFi function is no longer a novelty, but a necessity, and in this camera it is taken into account to share your impressions with friends and family, the Canon EOS 6D body WiFi will help you in this.

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