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Canon EOS 5D MARK III from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 5D MARK III perhaps is the best that the market can provide for amateur footage with professional-level now. Its price is worth every detail and specification that it contains - Canon did their best.

The matrix of this camera - like a rock star among themselves, with a CMOS-type sensor and 22.3 Mp on a high-quality platform of this segment of cameras, but already the ""five plus"" class, makes possible for that the device gives out natural pictures with the maximum detail to date, which in comparison with other cameras exceeds by 30% or more. High-definition video, fully manual, excellent sound quality, the camera continuously takes up to six frames in one second.

The camera is designed for shooting anywhere in any conditions. The function of automatic focusing even outside the zona of habitual focusing allows you to keep moving objects in view. A range of sensitivity to light reaches 25600 (there is the possibility of growth to 102400) - is it really all in reality?

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