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Canon EOS 4000D from Hong Kong

The Canon EOS 4000D features with unforgettable colors, precision parts and a natural blur of the backside, which draws attention directly to the subject. In order to cope with management, just intuition is enough. This SLR camera makes incredible things with its 18 megapixel and Full HD quality - movies, video sketches, photos, portraits.

It is unique in its operational content, it can be controlled from a distance, thanks to the original Canon technology, and using the wireless data transmission function, you can send footage directly to your smartphone. Need advice? The guide in the camera will provide you with it, will help you to frame, and focus on the necessary faces or details.

Also, the manufacturer provides a whole set of original software to expand the capabilities of this model, so you can improve your device while you wil grow in photography and shooting.

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