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Canon EOS 1300D from Hong Kong

Canon EOS 1300D - the model is interesting by its specification, it will suit both a professional photographer and a beginner if both are interested in high-quality photos with the level of a good mirror camera. With its 18 megapixels, the camera safely delivers detailed high-resolution digital images, and also writes cinematographic sample video with a resolution of 1920x1080.

Easy to operate, just press one button and the camera will set the optimal ratio of settings under the conditions for the photo at the time of shooting. Even if it is lightless there, a wide range of sensitivity to light from one hundred to 6400 units will make it possible to take the expressive picture. The unique DIGIC 4+ processor will ensure the smooth operation of all the components of the camera, ensures the clarity and authenticity of all the details that will be on the picture or in the frame.

A special EOS system, which the manufacturer offers, will expand the functionality of the camera to your personal needs. The WiFi function and the special NFC system will allow you to transfer a picture quickly to a mobile device or directly to a social network - the quality allows, and you can select filters at the time you shooting.

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