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Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III from Hong Kong

Canon EF 75-300 mm - universal optics, which allows you to get high-quality photos with different parameters of the distance to the object. Zoom-telephoto lens belongs to a compact and affordable devices, suitable for amateur and semi-professional use.

The autofocus system is automatic, it is controlled by a special drive, which guarantees the accuracy of the settings and the operational efficiency. To increase the contrast and eliminate unwanted glare, the Super Spectra coating is used.

From the technical characteristics, it is worth noting the presence of a filter with an index of 58 mm, a minimum aperture of 32 (the number of petals is seven). The construction is represented by 13 elements of nine groups. The dimensions of the optics are 71x122 mm, and its weight is 480 g.

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