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Canon Digital IXUS 185 from Hong Kong

If there is a camera created to capture the originality of every day of life, then this is means the Canon Digital IXUS 185 by all. It is invisible in wearing, and very remarkable for its abilities in photography: 20 megapixel image quality, approaching objects in sixteen times without going off the spot, fast focus.

The quality of the video shooting is 1280X720, it is easy to operate and shoots long. With the additional ""ecological"" mode, among other functions, the shooting time increases. The camera is accessible to management without special technical skills, there is a mode of recognition scenes or compositions - and they are counted till 32. All this base is provided by the processor of the advanced fourth series of type DIGIC.

The camera is aimed at compactness, versatility, accessibility and ease. This model is presented in three colors - black, red and gray.

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