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360Fly 4K from Hong Kong

The panoramic model of the action camera is presented in a stylish spherical design and has many professional features. A wide-angle lens with a fisheye lens  captures the image horizontally in the direction of 360°, and the vertical angle of coverage is 240°. A few hours of video in Full HD and 4K quality is recorded on the built-in 64 GB memory card. Synchronization with a computer occurs through magnetic charging.

The case of the device - shockproof, moisture-proof and dustproof. Thanks to the wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication adapters, you can stream live video and place videos on the Internet. The functionality of the device includes several modes, including time-laps. There is an omnidirectional built-in microphone. Sensor - 16 Mp. The battery capacity is 1780 mAh.

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