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Xiaomi Mi Headphones from Hong Kong

Mi Headphones from Xiaomi are positioned as trendy overhead headphones for audiophiles. They have a stylish classic design of a semi-open type. During the manufacturing is used high-quality materials - plastic and aluminum with golden sputtering, for a diaphragm of 50 mm - light and strong beryllium. The model provides a clear and rich Hi-Fi sound thanks to the silver-plated cable with a high degree of conductivity.

The product have a low resistance (32 Ohm), so do not need additional amplifiers - stunning sound effects are available with the usual connection to a smartphone, tablet, player and other gadgets. Their well-thought acoustic design not only conveys every note, but also protects from external noise. In the kit there are 3 pairs of ear cups, remote control, adapters and microphone.

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